Why Wheel Chair Ramps?


A perfect ramp width should fit the particular wheelchair in use and still leave some room on the side. Experts recommend thirty-six inches as the ideal width for a standard wheelchair. Handrails are necessary for ramps with an extended length of about seventy-two inches or more.

Have you ever discovered how difficult it is to access a building using stairs when moving a cart, strollers or other wheeled objects? Obvious yes, and that is where portable wheelchair ramps kick in.
Portable wheelchair ramps are inclined planes kept on stairs to help people moving carts, strollers or people on wheel chairs to get in a building or car. They are usually kept on the stairs for short time usage then removed. They are made of light weight aluminum and are designed to allow folding, which makes them easy to move around with.

On the side should be wheel guards to prevent it from sliding off. They aid a user while he pushes himself up.
Additionally, weight capacity is an essential factor that contributes to ramp safety. It should be strong enough to support the weight of the user, his wheelchair, and a caregiver. Light material may not be convenient in a case where an individual is weighty. Long-lasting material is the best choice to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs. This material must be non-slip or have a rubber coating. If it lacks this coating, it must have raised strips or buttons to reduce friction

In conclusion, wheelchairs are designed to make life easier for the disabled, elderly, and those with injuries. It allows an individual to blend in any community and take up responsibilities. This makes him feel useful and appreciated just the way he is. His confidence is enhanced so he can independently take care of his needs. Portable wheelchair ramps, on the other hand, ease accessibility. Aluminium made slopes are more suitable because it is light, cost-effective and durable. Ramp safety depends on its type, angle, and width. It should not be too high. The user must be given priority depending on the size of his wheelchair and the kind of environment he inhabits.

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