Duties And Responsibilities Of A Pharmacy Technician


A pharmacy technician plays a vital role in whatever work environment he is in. A pharmacy technician, under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, primarily gives and prepares medicines to patients, whether with prescription or just over the counter.

He assists in weighing, calculating quantities, counting, mixing, packing and labeling dosages of medications. He also makes sure that the prescription is legal and accurate. However, it must be noted that he is not authorized to advise patients on the proper dosage of medication and its side effects. This is the task that a licensed pharmacist should do.

The work of a pharmacy technician also involves providing medical information to patients and healthcare professionals. To do this, he is expected to know the constant changes in the medical field. He must be frequently updated on the new generics and medicines that change on a weekly basis.

A pharmacy technician is responsible for managing the dispensaries and other areas of medicine supplies by ordering new stocks regularly. Doing so helps to ensure that they never run out of medicines, and also remove any outdated drugs. In connection with these duties, he is licensed to supply and distribute medicines to patients and pharmaceutical companies. Its also his duty to keep his work environment clean and safe by following the rules and regulations provided by various state departments.

The work of a pharmacy technician also involves recording the patients information and the physicians prescription into the system. Lastly, he is tasked to help patients in processing and submitting their insurance claims, answering their phone calls and relaying their questions to the pharmacist, taking payments for the prescription and supervising other pharmacy staff.

With the numerous and diverse responsibilities of a pharmacy technician, he can work in different environments. For example, his work is crucial in department stores and grocery stores, but the majority of them work in pharmacies and hospitals. One may also work in a community pharmacy, also called a high retail or street pharmacy, or in a hospital pharmacy.

He may also be at a pharmaceutical company in the sales and production department. He may be assigned to work in an in-home health care environment, prisons, the military, primary care organizations, veterinary pharmacy, educational programs, and pharmacy organizations.

To perform the tasks and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician, he must possess a good set of skills and qualities. First, its important for him to have a good customer-service attitude because he spends most of his time interacting with people who are sick and needy. He must be polite and patient in answering their calls and queries.

Second, one aspiring to be a good pharmacy technician must be accurate and detail-oriented because serious health problems may arise from mistakes in filling prescriptions. Third, to maintain an efficient and safe work environment, he must have great organizational skills, allow him to handle and store medicines properly.

Fourth, he must also have good mathematical skills, so he can calculate and measure the right prescribed medicines. Lastly, he must have excellent communication skills, so he can interact with physicians, pharmacist and customers well.

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